Sustainability is at the heart of YIDEJIACHENG Group's strategy.

The businesses are developed by understanding the customer needs, and bringing solutions to the mega challenges: food and agriculture, water management, bio-residuals and resource efficiency.

With an enhanced focus on innovation, aligned with global mega-trends, the group will build on sustainability as an engine for value creation.

8 principles or 'mantras' describe what sustainable responsible business means for YIDEJIACHENG Group. They determine what company we aspire to be:

Our planet is the most important stakeholder of our company.
Producing in a sustainable way means maximizing the re-use of every molecule.
Waste only exists when there is a lack of innovation and creativity.
Treating water respect-fully is a business model.
Innovation is the only way to secure that we can feed future generations.
Transparency is an absolute foundation for a sustainable company.
Our safety and environmental standards are the same all over the world, because every human being is equally valuable.
Only a sustainable company can truly contribute to sustainability.

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