Our core values form the structure for our decision and intention as well as provide direction for our actions as a company.

To be the world leader in chemical distribution, providing unparalleled connectivity between customers and suppliers.
To be preferred company where the best people want to work.
To devote our maximum attention to the Environment and Safety.
To offer our customers quality products and outstanding service.
To answer today’s world challenges by limiting the use of virgin raw materials.
To provide qualified alternatives to our partners.
To work closely to continuously increase the profitability of our company and our partners.

Our Customers
Our business is to find a optimum level to satify the supply and demand sides. All of our actions must be measured by our success in achieving this goal. Above all, we value our ability to serve our customers who can benefit from theappropriate use of ourproducts and services.We are dedicated to providing the highest level of quality and professional service.We strive to be the world leader in chemical distribution.
Our Fellow Employees
Our ability to succeed depends on the integrity, knowledge, imagination, skill, diversity, flexibility and teamwork of our employees. To this end, we strive to create an environment of mutual respect, encouragement and teamwork a working environment that rewards commitment and performance and seeks to be responsive to the needs of employees. We seek to provide a workplace atmosphere that attracts highly talented people and helps them achieve their full potential. Each of us is responsible for creating a climate of trust and respect, and for promoting a productive work environment.
Our Communities and Society
Being a good company citizen means that we comply with all applicable laws, rules and regulations. Also, we serve our society, from the local communities in which we operate to the national and international levels, by supporting a number of programs, including those that improve health and promote environmental sustainability.
Our Suppliers
We believe in developing mutually beneficial relationships with our suppliers. We recognize that they are important partners in our success, and we treat them with honesty, fairness and respect. We also expect that they will conduct business activities for or on behalf of the Company in accordance with business standards and values that align with our own.

Improving Human Life
Our business is preserving and improving human life. We also work to improve animal health. All of our actions must be measured by our success in achieving these goals.

Ethics & Integrity
We are committed to the highest standards of ethics and integrity. We are responsible to our customers, to YIDEJIACHENG employees, to the environments we inhabit, and to the societies we serve worldwide. In discharging our responsibilities, we do not take professional or ethical shortcuts. Our interactions with all segments of society must be transparent and reflect the high standards we profess.

We are dedicated to the highest level of scientific excellence. Our research is guided by a commitment to preserving human and animal health and the quality of life. We strive to identify the most critical needs of consumers and customers, and through continuous innovation we challenge ourselves to meet those needs.

Access For All
We aspire to improve the health and wellness of people around the world by expanding access to our medicines and vaccines. Creating new therapies is only the first step in battling disease and promoting wellness on a global scale. Success can only be achieved when everyone who needs our medicines and vaccines can get them. In the The People’s of Republic of China and abroad, we’ve developed numerous programs to help improve access to our products so that all can benefit, wherever they live.

Diversity & Teamwork
Our ability to excel depends on the integrity, knowledge, imagination, skill, diversity and teamwork of our employees. To this end, we work to create an environment of mutual respect, encouragement and teamwork. We reward commitment and performance and are responsive to the needs of our employees and their families.

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