To observe the current situation, it is better to look our past. Since the beginning of our business in 1980ís, we always believed that our needs and the scarcity of raw materials will push us to find the new solutions for our partners on time.

We developed business focused on export and imports businesses before. When the boundaries had become less important we expanded investments activities in natural resources overseas developed a respectable relation.

Since the 2000, not only did we develop our business in a wide range of industries all over the world, but we also explored the emerging fields in industries specifically more environmental raw materials.†

Mainly, we embraced and did what our business environment demanded from us.

Yidejiacheng group have been gaining valuable experience and ingenuity in the chemical industry. With the strong relationship with our partners, we have been adding value to the companies that we have been working together.

While we are proud of past, we are enthusiastic about the future and very excited to help create a healthier, brighter future for people around the world.

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