Strategic direction of the business sectors
With the Chemical business sectors, the Yidejiacheng Group has 18 synergistically related business sectors with attractive growth prospects at their disposal which complement each other.

In addition to organic growth, we also strive to achieve growth via acquisitions and cooperation in the established business sectors.

Thus, the purchase of chemical one, which will result in an expansion of the trading capacities and to an extension of the average useful life of our relationship with our long-term suppliers, is characteristic of our two-pillar strategy. This pursues the goal of focusing management and financial resources in future particularly on the distributable chemical products and its business segments.

Strategy Chemical Products
The future strategic fields of action arising for the Chemical Products business segment:

The future strategic fields of action arising for the business segment:

Strategic group structure
As regards the shaping of the Group structure in terms of company law, in addition to the presentation of our business segment structure, the question of optimizing internal Group financing and of tax optimization are the main focuses.

Strategic financing measures
Essentially we pursue the following goals with the financial measures that we have adopted:
- Ensuring a balanced capital structure
- Limiting refinancing risks through diversification of the financing sources and instruments as well as the - maturity profile
- Optimization of costs through capital procurement on sustainably favorable terms

Within the framework of this objective, we optimized the maturity profile of the financing instruments of the Yidejiacheng Group in financial year 2011. This involved the aggregation of two revolving credit lines to one syndicated credit line with more favorable terms as well as the extension of the term from June 2012 to June 2015.

We have thus achieved the goal of optimizing costs by avoiding margin losses in the case of simultaneously investing and borrowing money.

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