Yidejiacheng Group is a global company with a diverse product portfolio. The company based in Tianjin, China along with branches around the world.

Our group committed to excellence and development across 18 major business units and handle chemical raw materials worldwide that contribute to improving quality of life and its partnersí performance in markets such as consumer goods, agriculture, food, glass, textile, painting, chemical, metal and pharmaceutical industries. In all products and service areas, Yidejiacheng is providing the very highest quality standards.

We have made it our number one priority to bring sustainability to the core of our business, focusing on best partner satisfaction where we can make a difference. As a provider of several chemical raw materials, we found that we are present in many aspect of life which allows us to be more responsible to world and to embrace to our hearts that We Are All in together.

With sophisticated supply chain management we ensure supply security wherever our customers are in the world. Therefore, we are always the reliable partner.

Since the beginning of our business in 1980ís, Yidejiacheng have been gaining valuable experience ingenuity in the chemical industry.

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