Chemicals; Every part of our lives, we have the chemicals and used to make a wide variety of consumer goods, as well as inputs to several industries.

Textile: For centuries, chemicals used in applications of textile industry for pre-treatment, dying, washing and finishing processes.

Food: With the harmony chemicals processes and interactions, we concern the quality of the food supply.

Detergant:  Supplying Surfactants to produce qualified and healthy consumer goods.

Paint: Providing environmentally safe Binders, Diluents, pigments and additives used in mostly industrial applications.

Galvanotechnic: Engineering and tooling the metal plating industry that meets good surface quality for our demands in life.

Glass: For different types glasses, today glass become a complex product that requires different kinds of chemical products for etching, thermal and etc. applications.

Heat Treatment: Such as heating and cooling, Harden or soften of a material, metallurgical applications become one of the most important role for industries.

Mine and Mineral: Extracting the minerals from its ores need safe and environmental chemical products that will lead until to finished products quality.

Water treatment: Purification of natural or waste water critically important for the world. Our chemicals care our water quality.

Leather:  From every stage to finishing, we provide value added quality products to leather industry with consumer safety.

Paper:  To influence the paper quality and properties, we provide best possible products.

Photography and Film Industry: Even though improving digital world, still negative and positive images are in our lives.

Pyrotechnics and Match:  Providing colors when the chemicals burn safely.

Feed: Providing nutrition to affect creasing of quality feed environmentally and safely.

Solvent: Providing solvents as inputs for several industries that can be seen in everyday items in our lives.

Cosmetic:  Providing best possible healthy and safe ingredients for our lives.

Pharmaceutical: For our health and world to answer our needs, we are obliged.

Rubber:  Providing dyes, antioxidants, antiozonants, accelerators, and activators to rubber industry.

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