Yidejiaceheng business principle is foundation for the Companyís commitment to be environmentally sustainable and to create shared value.

Creating Shared Value is the basic we do business, which states that in order to create long-term value for the company, we have to create value for society. But we cannot be either environmentally sustainable or create shared value for company and society if we fail to comply with our Business Principles. At the same time, Creating Shared Value goes beyond compliance and sustainability. Any business that thinks long-term and follows sound business principles creates value for company and for society through its activities, e.g. in terms of jobs for workers, taxes to support public services, and economic activity in general. But Creating Shared Value goes one step further. A company consciously identifies areas of focus, where: a) companyí interest and societyís strongly intersect, and b) where value creation can be optimized for both. As a result, the company invests resources, both in terms of talent and capital, in those areas where the potential for joint value creation is the greatest, and seeks collaborative action with relevant companies in society.

It is Yidejiacheng Groupís ambition to achieve global success in each of our product markets, a goal which can only be attained from a solid foundation. It is our aim to create a congenial and efficient working environment for our staff, coupled with a sound and honest business ethic with which to conduct our dealings. With this in mind, Yidejiacheng Groupís staff has outlined some of its core values:

Core Values
Our core values form the framework for our conduct and our decisions as well as provide orientation for our actions as a company.

Sustainable Success
Sustainable success is the goal of our activities and a core value at the same time. We create values for our stakeholders and in doing so we assume active responsibility towards people, society and nature. We use opportunities and in doing so approach risks cautiously.

Social Responsibility
We are convinced that social responsibility is an indispensable factor for the long-term success of our company. We respect and support observance of internationally recognized human rights and reject all forms of forced and child labour. We respect trade union freedom of association and the right to engage in collective wage bargaining. We remunerate our employees on market terms and on the basis of performance with compensation and social benefits linked to economic success.

Respect and Fairness in Dealing with Business Partners and Employees
We treat our business partners as fair contractual partners. Supervisors and employees display an attitude of openness towards each other and create a workplace atmosphere that facilitates the open exchange of ideas and an approach to dealing with one another characterized by confidence. Equality of opportunity and the rejection of any form of discrimination is something that we consider a matter of course.

Promoting the Personal and Specialist Competencies of Our Employees
We promote the personal and specialist competencies of our employees. We encourage our employees to contribute their creativity to the common success of the company and its stakeholders.

We seek an active dialogue with our partners and our environment. We regularly provide our employees, shareholders, the capital market and the media with comprehensive, truthful and intelligible information.

We act in compliance with the laws of the countries in which we operate. We observe the rules of free competition. We do not tolerate any form of corruption. We avoid conflicts of interest and protect company property from any abuse.

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